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JUBILEE REFLECTIONS, Sr. M. Elizabet Parodi. The encounter of the Schoenstatt Family with the Holy Father gave us more, much more, than a sequence of questions and answers.  I believe we can all affirm that we lived an hour of covenant, not only because the Jubilee was the great background which framed that moment, but because the entire encounter was conceived from the dynamic inner nothing without you, nothing without us.    Read More
SPAIN, Juan Zaforas. On November 16th, the Schoenstatt Movement of Spain closed the Jubilee celebrations of the centenary by celebrating with the Church in Spain; they renewed the Covenant of Love in the Almudena Cathedral of Madrid after Bishop D. César Franco, Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid, celebrated Holy Mass.Read More
JUBILEE 2014 ROME, Sarah-Leah Pimentel. A couple of weeks ago, I shared some thoughts on our Jubilee celebrations in Schoenstatt and how all of the special moments for me were moments of encounter - encounter with others and encounters with the Blessed Mother.Read More
ARGENTINA, P. Javier Arteaga. A month ago we were celebrating the centenary of the Covenant of Love and the founding of Schoenstatt. We did it with great joy in each of our diocesan communities in Argentina: we celebrated at Shrines, wayside shrines, cathedrals and parishes. We celebrated and gave thanks because 100 years ago God wanted to manifest once again in our history, opening a new source of grace for our time at the Schoenstatt Shrine.We celebrated and gave thanks for 100 years of the Schoenstatt Movement, a spiritual pathRead More
Father Carlos Padilla. We arrive at the end of a year of grace, a year of life, a year of hope. We have been able to celebrate the Jubilee in Schoenstatt, in Rome, in Spain. Those of us who were able to go to Schoenstatt gathered as a family coming from the ends of the earth. We paused in front of the Original Shrine with heartfelt gratitude. It was necessary to live that day. Some of us were able to be there. Others were present in their Daughter Shrines orRead More
ARGENTINA, mda. While thousands and thousands of members and people who are close to Schoenstatt celebrated the 100 years of the Covenant of Love in the Schoenstatt Shrines, in Paraná it was celebrated in another way. Like every year, the “Pilgrimage of the People” was carried out on the third weekend of October. With the motto, “In Covenant with Mary we walk for peace,” thousands of the faithful from Entre Rios followed National Route Nº 12 from Hasenkamp toward the city of Paraná for the 32nd edition of the “PilgrimageRead More
AUSTRALIA, Sr. M. Rebecca Sampang. Celebrating the Centenary Jubilee in over 200 shrines worldwide, the Schoenstatt Family at Mt Richon-Armadale marked this milestone with a crowd of over 600 at a special celebration on Sunday October 19.      Read More
USA, Carlos Cantú. The Texas Schoenstatt Family gathered to celebrate 100 years of Schoenstatt’s founding, 100 years of the Covenant of Love, and 100 years of the Blessed Mother establishing herself in the Schoenstatt Shrine. More than 700 people were in attendance, and they were blessed with a beautiful day. The weather was a delicious gift from Heaven above!Read More

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The Pilgrim Kiwi

NEW ZEALAND, Alex de Vries. Who would have known that an inexpensive kiwi toy would become such an important symbol for the New Zealand delegation at the Jubilee in Schoenstatt and in Rome? The kiwi, of course, is the national bird of New Zealand.    Read More
ARGENTINA, Silvia de Losada. Months before the 18th of October, it did not cross my mind to travel to Schoenstatt. However events happened dramatically, and Divine Providence decided otherwise. Accompanied by Father Guillermo Cassone, a group of Argentineans departed on pilgrimage with a heart yearning to unite with all our Schoenstatt brothers/sisters of the world to celebrate a historic event in the life of the family, the one hundred years of the Covenant of Love.Read More