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All filled with a desire to contribute towards a better world


After thanking the prayerful support of so many Schoenstatters, including members of the team and missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign in Santa Rita, an interior town of Paraguay, Lucas Galhardo, the Schoenstatt Movement’s representative at the Pre-Synod, shares some of his impressions of the first day.

Lucas Galhardo

The Pre-Synodal meeting began today with the presence of the Holy Father, who in the morning session shared some wise and encouraging words for us to make the most of this opportunity to meet and talk about what we feel deep down in our hearts, without shame or fear of saying something wrong.

The five young people representing each of the continents then shared the reality of the youth on their continents. Other young people were then able to ask questions to the Holy Father. The questions and Pope Francis’ answers were very interesting and deep. It was a very special moment for us, to feel that the Holy Father is close to us and really wants the young people to be heard and taken seriously.

In the afternoon, we worked in our language groups. We first looked at the theme contained in the meeting material, namely “challenges and opportunities of the youth in today’s world.” We shared our thoughts on the formation of personality in relation to diversity, the youth and the future, the relationship with technology and the search for the meaning of life. We then had Mass.

For myself, I can already see the beauty and richness of this meeting…so many realities and different cultures together and everyone is filled with the desire to contribute towards a better world.


Original: Portuguese, 20 March. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

Speaking to Sofia from Vatican News, the Pope called on the young people to “work, fight and say everything,” and he said that he expects many things from this Synod, “many contributions so that everyone can grow.”:

Video: Opening of the Pre-Synod (original sound):

So far there are no official translations of the Pope`s speech and his answers to the questions of young people, neither to the initial statements of the young people. So here some summarizing articles from Vatican News:

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