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“Serving with feet in the mud”

PARAGUAY, byJosé Argüello and Maria Fischer • The preparation for Sunday Mass on 12 July in the large Ñu Guazú area was an intense prayer vigil…even though the servers and many of the faithful spent Saturday night at the venue, nothing could take away their enthusiasm: the changing weather with lots of wind and rain, which on a muddy and tricky terrain such as Ñu Guazú threatened to make things a little difficult…but the muddy ground is also a message: “serve in the mud.”

IMG_5885 “We are a Women’s League group at the service of our Queen, I take the DreamTeam with me to renew our covenant of solidarity with Pope Francis” – Sandra Lezcano Ao195trcyIIGLyy2bhiJnIo4BC0Z5s165Fx8EJLqOR0Z Community adoration

Community adorationAoPGkUz2HZY6Gf6REv7-J1EZjL1Xq5e3sCJUTZ6CNXgD Eucharistic adoration in 22 tents like this one. AhGamYR__-GREaqw9LoT2dVrhpsyaBsBJusjIT5FuNNH Serving with feet in the mudAukK1gATFeDdzngwDmpyZPxsrhvvko0NMl9RKaaWlPHt Prayer vigil

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