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Solidarity family, we expand your home Maria

ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa • 

With the motto, which is the title of this article, the Schoenstatt Family of Córdoba celebrated the patronal feast of its diocesan shrine, having completed its first 55 years of fruitfulness in consecrated and committed lay vocations, making steady progress in its task of being a light and beacon for all the pilgrims who come to it. And in full expansion of the structures on its grounds! —



From the interior of Cordoba: A flood of pilgrims!

Very early in the morning, the first visitors were welcomed, a large number of them coming from different locations. Some of them had already revisited this “beautiful land of Cordoba” and many others were coming for the first time… Their surprised and grateful looks spoke for themselves! Getting off the bus and hugging the first person they met was a constant and the family atmosphere that was experienced during the entire day clearly showed that in Córdoba’s Family, much will continue to be built in the same way as the first ones.


A rich history and a promising future

P. Alberto Eronti

Fr. Alberto Eronti

One of the beloved sons of this Shrine, Father Alberto Eronti of the Verbum Patris program, shared a heartfelt talk for all the pilgrims and missionaries who, in a number of approximately 200, followed eagerly his story full of rich anecdotes inciting to “dream high”, just as it happened in “those times”.

From Cordoba and since 1957, when the Movement was born, Entre Rios and Paraguay emerged, hand in hand with committed young people who vibrated for the Mission. Many priestly vocations were called by Mary in “La Villa” as this magnificent property is affectionately called, which grows and grows in plans and projects.

Then, Sister Rosario, with her natural clarity and enthusiasm, shared with those who attended various testimonies and motivations that without a doubt invited them to ” put out into the deep” as St. John Paul II invited us to do during his pontificate.

En plena construcción

Under construction

Nazareth, Liturgical and Pastoral Center

Ermita peregrina

Pilgrim Wayside Shrine

Cordoba dreams high and… It is certainly making its dreams come true! Villa Warcalde has, in addition to its Shrine that adorns it, the Wayside Shrine that was its origin (and that was relocated for the third time in its history…truly a “pilgrim” Wayside Shrine!), the Retreat House and the original house shared by the Sisters with the Movement. But, on top of that… It is still under construction!

In addition to the SUM (Multi-purpose hall) that is being built, there is also the new House for the Sisters of Mary and “the pearl” of this time: the new Chapel that will allow celebrations and conferences even in the harshest weather conditions: Nazareth, Liturgical and Pastoral Center. A great project that is being carried out and is expected to be completed in three years! All for Mary, all for the Lord.

The Holy Mass was the closing of a day of prayers, encounters, experiences, testimonies, games, in other words, of the very life of a Family that remains loyal to its motto and, at the present time, with renewed vigor.


Original: Spanish. Translation: Marcela Fernández, Toronto, Canada

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