Ruta 40

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She always waits for you…

ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa

On a walk along the “mythical” Route 40 in its northern part and after a reflection that was well worth considering because it was totally true, Our Lady of Schoenstatt surprised us… And at 1990 meters above sea level! If she manages to do that there… How much more can she do at any altitude if we help her! —

In the Calchaquíes Valleys, “God has not forgotten anything…”

So says a song by the emblematic Chalchalero Facundo Saravia, son of the founder of the folkloric group that toured the world for 55 years…He is absolutely right, by the way.

The landscapes that can be enjoyed in “Los Valles” are a clear sample of God’s omnipotence and his fine option for the most absolute beauty.

Traveling through its more than 5,100 kilometers (we “only” did 270 on this trip and mostly on gravel roads), offers the visitor a true pleasure for the eyes in its absolutely unforgettable landscapes… All the colors that exist, are there!

September 18th, San Carlos, first stop

Already prepared for the “end of the pavement” signs, we enter San Carlos, a small town in Salta that shows the love for its ancestors and the respect for nature and its care.

Finding a piece of paper lying around is as impossible a task as saying “no” to the empanadas that a family prepares with great care in the central square. What a delight!

We entered the main church and walked through it with respect and joy since the Providence gave us the gift of visiting it on a Covenant day. It was a gift to walk through its ancient construction and a thought came to us when we saw, in one of its small aisles, images and holy cards of different invocations of the beloved Mother of God, but none of our Blessed Mother.

She loves you, she waits for you and… she surprises you!

Ruta 40Route 40 after several kilometers of gravel (no asphalt and with irregularities called “serruchitos”), we entered the next town, since our route along Route 40 did not include the slightest hurry. Thank goodness because our maximum speed never exceeded 60 km/h!

Angastaco, a small and neat town, welcomed us with a typical 3:30 pm tranquility.

Beautiful streets and absolute peace for its approximately 2,000 inhabitants today.

Of course we got out of the car and went, without waiting, to greet the beloved Virgin Mary in the town’s church, impeccably painted both on the outside and in its warm interior.

It was there, a few hours after the reflection I was telling you about, that I saw, on the side of the entrance, something that left us speechless: Our dear Mother Thrice Admirable, impeccably illuminated and with flowers!

A deep emotion and joy flooded us completely and a shared reflection crowned our surprise: She always loves you, waits for you…and surprises you!

The bearer of the greatest beauty that no one has ever equaled was giving us a gift, at an altitude of 1990 m, in a village in the beloved Argentine province of Salta.

She seems to have told us, on the 18th: “He who remains faithful to his Covenant of Love will never perish”. Thank you Blessed Mother, here we are!

Ruta 40

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