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The road to the tomb

Do we not need,
like the women,
courage to go out
towards what in us
has been set aside and assumed dead.

Do we not need,
like the women,
a helper to push aside
the heavy stones
of our dark chambers.

Do we not need,
like the women,
a messenger to understand
all of the unforeseeable
that happens there.

Do we not,
like the women,
feel horror and terror
when the shroud
is no longer held.

Will we not understand,
only later,
like the women,
how liberating
the Resurrection is.


Wilfried Röhrig, Easter 2021. Inspired by an article by Dr. Martin Flesch (https://www.schoenstatt.org/es/kentenich/2021/03/vivir-con-la-paradoja-llamamiento-para-abandonar-a-tiempo-el-dualismo/) not yet available in English.

“Not only on Easter morning 2000 years ago did the stones have to be removed from the tomb. Today they must be removed from the (dark) chambers of our soul.”

Original: German. Translated by Maria Aragón, Monterrey, México

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