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To be active and up to date disciples

COSTA RICA, Amparo Ruiz •

The Shrine Familia de Esperanza en San José (Family of Hope in Saint Joseph) celebrated its fourth anniversary of the blessing on March 20th. During these years, the Schoenstatt Family in Costa Rica has received many gifts. The first conference of the Women’s Apostolic League was also celebrated, which gathered participants from the three groups formed by professional women, under the motto: “My roots: to the Blessed Mother, the Shrine and the Founding Father”. —

Very early in the morning, they were called to the shrine to open their hearts with music, prayer and offerings to the Blessed Mother. They also learned about topics of great value for their education. The first talk was entitled “Mary, educate me”, and was given by Ma. Amparo Ruiz, who is the national co-advisor.

Afterwards, Father José Luis Correa, national advisor of the Movement, spoke to them about the bonding to the Shrine and the Founding Father, how to achieve it and how to live it effectively.

There were work groups, where these women gave perspective to the blessings they had received, and they set concrete safeguards to guarantee and to multiply them. Be little Marys in order to take Christ into the spheres of their life.

Gratitude for the four years of the Shrine

During the gathering, there were comments of gratitude to the Schoenstatt Movement for giving them the space to grow and bond with other women in the same tune, learning to be active and up-to-date disciples.

The Conference concluded with the celebration of the Mass of thanksgiving for the 4th anniversary of the Shrine, presided by Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Francisco Blanco and concelebrated by Father José Luis Correa.

We thank God for a morning full of blessings.

Original: Spanish 2021-03-24. Translated by Maria Aragón, Monterrey, México

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