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Schoenstatt El Salvador Radiates Joy

EL SALVADOR, Lee Aguiñada  •

In El Salvador, we celebrated October 18th, Covenant Day, with much joy, but above all with great faith. We have many reasons to be thankful and happy. 2019 was one of the most important years in our history because we laid the foundations for the strengthening of Schoenstatt in the country and throughout Central America. —

Father José Luis Correa Lira, the adviser that is shared throughout the region, has in recent years taken on the task of structuring and organizing in the best possible way what began many years ago in our country. With his increasingly regular visits, his extraordinary sermons, but above all with his charisma as a leader, he has encouraged us to continue to work for our ideals in this country.

The Blessed Mother has decided to stay

True to the charisma of our Founder, we celebrated the Covenant of Love of October 18, 1914 with a solemn Eucharist celebrated in the parish of El Divino Niño in San Salvador. Following in the footsteps of Father Edwin Henriquez, the local parish priest, the Blessed Mother “decided to stay and bring fruit”, since various groups of couples, women, missionaries of the pilgriming MTA campaign, young professionals and madrugadores are active in this parish.

Mary, the “Influencer” of God

A week later on the evening of October 23rd, we took advantage of Father Correa’s visit to Nicaragua  and were able to organize a Schoenstatt meeting to continue the celebration of 105 years of the Covenant of Love. Representatives of the various branches and apostolates from El Salvador were present. Father José Luis presided over the Mass of thanksgiving and at the end of the Mass, Veronica Dada de Escalon, a member of one of the new women’s groups, sealed her Covenant of Love.

He also gave us the lectures: “Mary, the Influence of God” and “Practical Faith in Divine Providence”, which were very receptive among the participants.

The seed is sprouting…

There are undoubtedly many challenges ahead, but the seed is sprouting and gradually we are seeing the fruit. There are more and more testimonies of people who let themselves be conquered by love for Jesus, under the protection of the Blessed Mother and the inspiration of Father Kentenich.


El SalvadorGroup of young couples

Lee Aguiñada is Coordinator of the Schoenstatt Movement in San Salvador

Original: Spanish, 12.11.2019 Translation: Lindsay Burger, Ohio, USA

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