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My Father is at the helm!

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A few days ago I saw a friend’s Instagram post, and I asked her if I could share it on She agreed. I thought how perfect it was coming from Father Kentenich’s Heavenwards. Here in Texas, as in many places around the globe, we have been inundated with rain that has led to flooding. But also in our everyday lives we sometimes have another kind of rain… not the kind that falls from the skies, but the unexpected troubles that inconvenience or throw us for a loop. We have a saying here in the US: “When it rains, it pours.” —

Here one woman, a wife, and mother, Christy Wilkens,  shares her week’s experience. —

Though storms may rage

And winds may howl

And lightning strike again,

I think as does the mariner’s child:

My Father is at the helm! (1)


To say it’s been a tumultuous week would be an understatement, y’all. Another kid, another concussion, during a non-contact, low-impact sport. (Yes. How could I even make this up?) #helmetsforeveryone

And a herniated disc, and a trip to the ER for #superoscar, during a week of solo parenting. #whenitrainsitpours

It’s been raining a lot, literally and figuratively. This refrain is from a song my kids sing at school—and if you, like me, find that the words alone are comforting and strengthening, you really should hear it sung by a chorus of cherubic seven-year olds. (2)

Your Father is at the helm. The world is your ship and not your home.

“Lord, save us! We are #drowning!”

He will, He will, He will.

You might swallow a little water first, but He will.



(1) Heavenwards 10 p. 179
(2) Heavenwards, Always: The Childlike Spirit of Father Joseph Kentenich in Dachau. Downlaod/listen on Spotify or Amazon.

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