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Fr Franz Reinisch: Diocesan Phase of his Beatification Process Almost Complete

GERMANY, Editorial Board •

After more than six years of preparation for the beatification process for Franz Reinisch on the diocesan level in Trier, this phase will be solemenly concluded on 28 June 2019.—

As the Postulator of the beatification process, Emeritus Professor  Fr Dr Heribert Niderschlag SAC announced, this conclusion will most probably take place with Holy Mass at 9.30 a.m. in the Church of Our Lady immediately next to the Cathedral. This will be followed by the final session of the “Causa Reinisch” in the Gothic Hall (in the Cathedral cloisters).

“I think, speak and act not what and because others think, speak and act, but because it is my conviction!” A saying of Fr Franz Reinisch which is valid not just for the Nazi period. He was a Pallottine Father, he was a Schoenstatter, he was a man who felt so obliged to follow his conscience that he went to his death on that account.


Pope Francis blesses a picture of Fr Franz Reinisch for the Reinisch Room in the International Schoenstatt Centre in Belmonte, Rome, during the Jubilee Audience of the Schoenstatt Movement 2014. Photo: Osservatore Romano, licensed for

Original: German, 22.04.2019. Translation: Mary Cole, Manchester, UK

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  1. Joe Yank says:

    Why does it take six years of Diocesan process, and many, many more in Rome, to Canonize a man who clearly gave his life for Jesus Christ and his holy Mother? As I understand it, this man clearly gave his life as a martyr when he was beheaded for his refusal to take the oath to Hitler. What more does he need to do to prove his Sanctity. Whatever became of martyrs being canonized for their great deeds of heroism in facing death in witness to our God! How many of the Apostles gave their lives for their Savior? Did they have to go through diocesan and Roman processes for their beatification/canonization?


      Exactly – WHY ? This is a clear case of eligibility. His late Holiness John Paul II did not wait for so long to be recognised. The only difference between these two men is that JP II lived so long and was untouchable by the dictators, though certainly challenged, and Father Franz Reinisch stood respectfully but so defiantly up to his persecutors and paid a very bitter price within a short time, without recanting or denying his principles and faith. SAINTHOOD NOW FOR THIS MARVELLOUS MAN OF GOD AND THE PEOPLE,

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