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CD composed and sung by Nigerian Schoenstatt Fathers’ now available! Get yours now!

NIGERIA, Maria Fischer •

It took them quite awhile to get from Nigeria to Mount Sion in Schoenstatt, Germany, and a little longer to reach the team of volunteers who do the shipping and handling, but now they are ready to be sent off to the world: 25 brand new CDs from Nigeria, with 10 Nigerian Schoenstatt songs, written and performed by Schoenstatt Fathers.

The first two CDs recently arrived at their destination in Manchester, England, and others were sent to Argentina, Germany, and the USA.

In order to get one (or more) CDs – for yourself, as a gift – just click the button below, donate 15 € each (or more), leave your address in the text field and wait for a white bubble-pack envelope to be dropped in your mailbox. No other costs, as the team of donates the shipping and handling costs. Not only do you get a magnificent musical experience, the authentic sound of Nigeria, but you also support the Schoenstatt Fathers’ work in Nigeria. But act quickly, as there are only 20 CDs left.


Listen to one of the songs for free and enjoy:

On the songs and their message:

The Sound of Schoenstatt in Nigeria

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  1. Sarah-Leah Pimentel says:

    This is great!!

    If the Fathers could release the CD as MP3 or via an online platform such as Soundcloud/iTunes. There might be a small start up cost, but with the potential have few distribution and production costs.

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