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WYD2019 PANAMA, Maria Fischer • Does someone speak Spanish? Yessssss! Of course. Portuguese? Yessss! English? Yesss! Does someone speak Italian? “Yessssss!” shouted Pamela Fabiano the only Schoenstatt representative from Italy along with the Brazilians and Germans close by her that also shouted. On the night of January 23rd, the day of Pope Francis’ arrival in Panama, hundreds of Schoenstatt young people, parish neighbors, and many other people were in the square beside San Francisco de la Caleta parish for the Schoenstatt Marian Festival at WYD, to share their love forRead More
PARAGUAY, Andrea Blasco • I’ve received one of the greatest blessings a person can ask for. I found a place where people can abandon their inconveniences, their conflicts, and their problems, and learn to entrust themselves fully and completely to Mother Mary’s hands. Somewhere where they can be themselves for Jesus Christ. A time they can offer their whole heart so that God may bless others. The Joy of Schoenstatt During the summer of 2017 I received an advertisement that invited everyone interested to participate in an audition to enterRead More
CHILE, Sophie Berthet • Our Movement has always been characterized by the strength in prayer and music that accompanies all our activities, workshops, meetings, etc. A group of friends wanted to join both things using the prayer book, “Heavenwards” that contains Schoenstatt’s essence and all of our Father and Founder’s message as a guiding thread. The idea came together as a project, and now it has the participation of young musicians and singers –who are associated with Schoenstatt in different ways– and they are preparing a CD with musical adaptationsRead More
NIGERIA, Maria Fischer • It took them quite awhile to get from Nigeria to Mount Sion in Schoenstatt, Germany, and a little longer to reach the team of volunteers who do the shipping and handling, but now they are ready to be sent off to the world: 25 brand new CDs from Nigeria, with 10 Nigerian Schoenstatt songs, written and performed by Schoenstatt Fathers. The first two CDs recently arrived at their destination in Manchester, England, and others were sent to Argentina, Germany, and the USA. In order toRead More
PARAGUAY, Joaquín Santiviago • The decision and the total commitment to a personal vocation is also expressed as a manifestation from the basis that beauty emanates: God, who is the foundation stone of life. Music is the basis of my vocation, my vocation as a child, father, my vocation as educator, my Schoenstatt vocation, my Christian vocation. I find God in music, but in it, God found me first because He sang to me first. In this immense gift of hearing God’s voice in music, I feel called to serveRead More
NIGERIA, Michael Okpala with Maria Fischer • “Victorious Mother” is the title of a brand new CD offered by the Schoenstatt Fathers in Nigeria with songs reflecting the vibrant life of this young Schoenstatt Family. Ever wanted to know how “I trust your might” sounds in Nigeria? Well, here it is… Or how we renew the Covenant of Love in Yoruba? Listen… Concerning the music The Schoenstatt Students’ house special choir was a fruit of Fr. Juan Pablo’s short stay as Delegate Superior in Nigeria. He instituted the special choirRead More
BRAZIL, Fábio Alves via • The Schoenstatt Fathers held their annual gathering for one week, and the Southeast Boys’ Youth extended to them a beautiful invitation for a cantata in honor of the Mother of God and of her Son on 28 January. In the Máximo Trevisan House (Jumas Jaragua House), we began at 8:00 p.m. by introducing all the Schoenstatt Fathers who were at the gathering, and then the Southeast Boys’ Youth were informed about the changes relating to the services of the priest advisers and their activitiesRead More
BOLIVIA, Fabián Aguirre • During this Holy Year, music, mercy, art, disability, talent and solidarity united in a project that a missionary of the Pilgrim Mother in Bolivia was encouraged to launch in favor of children with disabilities from a small center of El Alton, where people with serious physical, cognitive, sensory, and psychosocial difficulties are attended. How did the project emerge? In Bolivia, from the beginning of this Holy Year, people with disabilities carried out repeated complaints to receive more economic help from government authorities. To demonstrate their needsRead More
A Chilean contribution to a discussion that often seems limited to Europe. By Fr. Hugo Tagle The number of immigrants in Chile has increased by 123% in the last decade.  From Haiti alone, more than 20,000 immigrants arrived in six months, that is, 110 a day.  Chile’s foreign policy has become more flexible and open to the world, following the trend of developing countries and the call of the UN to welcome millions of displaced people throughout the world. This is a sign of openness that enriches our cultural heritage,Read More