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Jumas Curitiba begins the project “At the Blessed Mother’s House”


On Saturday, July 4, the Jumas (Boys` Youth) of Curitiba began a new project: “At the Blessed Mother’s House,” which consists of the groups taking responsibility to do maintenance work once a month at the Magnificat Tabor Shrine. In this way, they will make the Blessed Mother’s House more beautiful by doing jobs that the employees cannot do or that they simply do not have time to do.


A new look for the place

The “Apostoles” [Apostles] Group that meets at the shrine carried out the first task of this project. It consisted of cleaning the glass globes of all the lamp posts. The difference was noticeable, since it gave the place a new look, now that the dust and dirt that had accumulated on the globes was removed.

The group was not daunted by having to get up earlier than usual on this Saturday and they withstood the cold wind while mixing the water and soap. When they finished they presented their work with a short prayer in front of the Shrine as a contribution to the capital of grace for the 60 years of Jumas of Brazil.

Next month a new life group will do other work at the Shrine to make it even more beautiful, never forgetting that we are Missionary Generation and we do it all for the Queen.


 Original: Portuguese. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA

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