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BRAZIL, JUMAS Santa María, via jumasbrasil.com.br • On 6-14 January, twenty-eight boys of the Boys’ Group from the southern region, gathered to go on mission for the second time to Coronel Bicaco, in the diocese of Frederico Westphalen. We began the first mission with great enthusiasm close to Tabor, Door of Heaven Shrine in Frederioco. In the southern region for the first time, we divided the missionaries into two communities: Reinisch and Engling. The first visit seemed to be a great challenge having one community with fifteen and another withRead More
BRAZIL, Lucas Campana, via  jumasbrasil.com.br • “Missionary Generation With Mary: Christ or nothing!” was the motto enkindling close to 100 young people from Paraná’s different cities to go out on mission and to leave a little of Christ’s love in homes and communities. They gathered at Cornélio Procópio on the afternoon of Friday 13th, for the second pre-mission, organized by the priests. It was full of advice designed to help everything go well on one more mission. Shortly afterwards, at 5:00 p.m. Mass was celebrated as was the moment ofRead More
BRAZIL, Boys’ Youth of the Southern Region • Generation Missionary, Everything for the Queen! Guided by this motto and regionally divided into three groups: South, Southeast, and Parana, the Schoenstatt Boy’s Youth of Brazil carried out the 2016 Christ Tabor mission. Here is a report of the 2016 Christ Tabor Mission in Ibiúana, Sao Paulo: The city of Ibiúna/SP received a very special visit on 16-23 January. Following the year’s theme: Missionary Generation, all for the Queen, forty-four missionaries, with joy and the zeal characteristic of those whose hearts areRead More
BRAZIL, www.jumasbrasil.com.br • On Saturday, July 4, the Jumas (Boys` Youth) of Curitiba began a new project: “At the Blessed Mother’s House,” which consists of the groups taking responsibility to do maintenance work once a month at the Magnificat Tabor Shrine. In this way, they will make the Blessed Mother’s House more beautiful by doing jobs that the employees cannot do or that they simply do not have time to do. A new look for the place The “Apostoles” [Apostles] Group that meets at the shrine carried out the firstRead More