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mkf. Since that September 15th, 1968, each September15th morning is something special in Schoenstatt; there is something mystical associated with the carpet of white flowers - lilies, carnations - that replace the red carpet usually marking the place where Father Joseph Kentenich died forty-one years ago. Celebrating Holy Mass and gathering all the Schoenstatt Family at the hour of his death in the place where he celebrated his last Holy Mass is touching the eternal through the memories of that day when Father Kentenich finished his earthly life to continueRead More
mkf. All the Branches from the Diocese of Tucumán have it, just like Costa Rica and very soon Australia will also have it. Mexico has ten and South Africa has six, Rosario, in Argentina is waiting for it, meanwhile Buenos Aires and La Plata already have it. Brazil has it, Germany also has it, and it has already arrived in Rome. It crosses borders and awakens the same symptoms in each sphere. We’re not talking about a new virus, although it is as contagious as aRead More
mkf. It was an intense time, a time of many personal experiences, events and a time to obtain new understanding for the almost 400 members of the Apostolic Schoenstatt Federations of whom the last were returning to their home countries at the beginning of this week. On August 20, 1919, a group of youths founded the “Apostolic Federation” at Horde in the city of Dortmund. Upon this foundation, throughout the years, all of the communities of the Schoenstatt Work developed, not only the six Federations – ofRead More
P. Heinrich Walter. The General Congress of the Schoenstatt Fathers, elected the members of the General Council. At the General Chapter in 2003, The Superior General, and the leader of the free communities were electend for a 12-year-term, the other councilors for a six-year-term.  Read More
Dear young people gathered in Schoenstatt, On this Night of the Shrines, you are renewing a Covenant of Love sealed four years ago by 2500 young people in the name of thousands of Schoenstatt Youth in their home countries and the millions of youth in this world who struggle to find their place and their unique mission in this life.  Read More
SCHOENSTATT, mkf. July 18th was the 95th Anniversary of a key event in the history of the Original Shrine: On July 18, 1914, Father Kentenich read an article in the newspaper about Pompeii, a Marian pilgrimage place located in the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, which told of Our Lady of Pompeii who "had worked irrefutable miracles". Moreover, it explained how the biggest miracle was that in the year 1871 an unknown lawyer founded a pilgrimage place over the ruins of the godless city in modern Italy.Read More