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org. There are Tabor hours in Schoenstatt – hours in which Schoenstatt shows its most beautiful face, its most beautiful soul; hours in which the best finds spontaneous expression from the depths of its charism and its experience of its origins. We can be sure that Conference 2014 was one such moment. Another such moment was the news of 20 February this year and the days that followed, which could have unleashed only suffering and insecurity. "I am really impressed by the echo to the news of my illness, andRead More
Fr. José María García. Dear Friends,Filled with great gratitude for all the life and all the expectations that have been generated around the jubilee of our international Family, and at this moment when my contribution to our common pilgrimage has to change, I want to turn to you all via our media – our international page and our Jubilee Newsletter.    Read More
Fr. José María García - official Newsletter 2014/3. The Cardinals of our Church are meeting today, 17 February, in the new Synod Hall in the Vatican for a day of prayer and reflection on the subject of "the proclamation of the Gospel today, between Missio ad gentes (Mission to all people) and new evangelisation". At the same time we are receiving the third of our information and motivational newsletters for our great "pilgrimage to the Original Shrine on 18 October 2014, which is open to all", as the Message 2014Read More
OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER 2014/Fr. José María García. There is only a few days left until we cross the 1000 day threshold (as can be witnessed on the countdown clocks on some of our Schoenstatt websites) on our international pilgrimage toward the jubilee of the Covenant of Love, from the great moment of grace, October 18, 2014, in the Original Shrine, in Rome, and - as it is stated in the Message 2014: in "… a world-wide live link to the celebration held at our place of origin. In this way, theRead More
P. José María García. "The pilgrim people follow the footsteps of Mary," a phrase Blessed John Paul II pronounced on the eve of the great Jubilee of Redemption in the Holy Year 2000. In its simplicity and strength, it awakens a certain nostalgia, awakening in the soul impressions of the atmosphere of pilgrimage: of joy, simplicity, hymns and prayers, shared faith, common testimony, of paths, effort and joyful tiredness, of brotherhood, and especially the way to the Shrine. The pilgrimage -a universal religious experience - is closelyRead More
org. On December 23rd, the first official bulletin for Jubilee 2014 was publsihed – it is not a coincidence that it happened a few days before Christmas.  The Schoenstatt Family is experiencing its great Advent of Jubilee 2014, hoping that a new October 18th “will be born”.  This informative and inspiring bulletin will be published in (Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, and Italian) month by month until October 2014.  We are publishing Father José María García’s letter.Read More
Amelia Peirone. It should be said that the heart of the servant of God, Mario Hiriart, would be filled with boundless joy if we were to discover him preparing for the 2014 Jubilee under the motto "Your Covenant, our mission." Surely he senses it as an urgent and inevitable calling to which he only wants to say 'Yes.' He certainly receives it as an inspiration to build, to begin the work, to fulfill it. It would be just as Father did it, and foundation of theRead More
org. There are moments which perhaps only last a minute or less, and they become a message for years, for centuries. During the Youth Vigil with the Holy Father, last September 24th in Friburg, a KNA photographer captured one of these moments: The Light of Christ offered by a Church giving witness - represented in the missionary Pilgrim Virgin and a youth who is hoisted onto the shoulders of others. Spontaneously, Father José María García, leader of Team 2014 - responsible for the preparation of Jubilee 2014 - called itRead More
Fr. José María García. On 9 October many shrines in the world will begin a novena in preparation for 18 October when thousands of people in over a hundred countries will celebrate the covenant of love with the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt and start the second year of the triennium of preparation for the jubilee of the covenant of love: the Year of the Shrine Current. In the Original Shrine the international opening will be celebrated on the eve of 18 October - at 9 p.m. local time onRead More
Father Eduardo Auza. The world was surprised and awed over the amazing conclusion to the thirty-three Chilean miners who were happily rescued from the depths of the earth. We as a Schoenstatt Family united to this generalized joy, which was truly a triumph for humanity. The solidarity, the generosity, the vigor, the good sense, love, heroism, temperance, faith, and the many other virtues - in and of themselves, all of them very Christian - flourished around this situation that was transformed into a media and worldwide event.Read More