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ARGENTINA, Carlos Ferré. It was an historic moment for the "John Paul II" Center for Studies of Church Social Doctrine. This program emerged as a common experience of members from different movements and institutions of the Catholic Church in Argentina. The first group of students graduated with a Master's Degree in Church Social Doctrine in South America. The conferring of degrees and the granting of diplomas to the first fifteen students took place in the "Manuel Belgrano" auditorium of the Argentine chancery.    Read More
USA, Sofía Benegas. The Schoenstatt representativesof the Association of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities were invited to represent the Schoenstatt Movement of Washington, DC at the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Joint Declaration of the Holy See and the Lutheran community on the Doctrine of Justification,which was hosted by the nuncio, Archbishop Pietro Sambi and by Archbishop Donald Wuerl, at the artistic and solemn galleries of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington DC, near the Catholic University.Read More
Focolare Movement. "A milestone for the Church, for the Focolare Movement and for the Diocese" said Bishop Martinelli of Frascati, speaking about the beatification process of Igino Giordani, which will now be progressed by the Vatican. In his address as president of the concluding ceremony of the diocesan phase on 27 September, the newly-appointed Bishop recalled the nickname given to Giordani by Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement. "He was called, "Foco"(Fire) because he was full of God's Spirit, which led him to be a witness wherever heRead More
The 30th Meeting of Rimini has took place following to the challenge given by Pope Benedict XVI: " distance and absence of involvement are not ideals to chase, in vain, in the pursue of an 'objective' knowledge'. Instead, the ideal to chase is the adequate involvement with the object".Everyone - speakers, guests an for first us - have been firstly conquered by the show of almost 4.000 volunteers that have paid their board and lodging in order to work at the Meeting, sign of a will to make an experience,Read More