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SPAIN, Manos Unidas/rd. The new Manos Unidas (United Hands) webpage, “24 hours that move the world” is already on-line. This is a global work of sensitivity in solidarity through which, this NGO invites everyone who wishes to participate. From the 30th of September to the 30th of October, those who wish to do so can give light to the world by entering 24horas.manosunidas.org, and through this webpage, interacting with a world map that, for now, is overshadowed by the situations of poverty, hunger and inequality that Manos Unidas has struggledRead More
ARGENTINA, Roberto Bosco - AICA/mda. Educa, publishing house for the Argentinean Pontifical Catholic University Santa María de los Buenos Aires (UCA), has just printed and put into circulation the book “Achalay mi Virgen! María en el folklore argentino". It was written by Olga Fernández Latour de Botas, a regular member of the Academia Argentina de Letras (Academy of Arts) and the Academia Nacional de la Historia (National Academy of History).Read More
ARGENTINA, Osvaldo Martín. Within the framework of the celebrations of the Feast of the Lord and of the Virgin of the Miracle that is celebrated year after year with great devotion in the city of Salta in the Republic of Argentina, several members of the Schoenstatt Movement were present to honor the Blessed Mother in the figure of the Virgin of the Miracle.Read More
VATICAN, net. The International Meeting for the “Pastoral Project of Evangelii Gaudium” began on the September 18th with more than 2,000 pastoral workers from seventy countries worldwide participating. The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization organized this conference, which ends on September 20th.Read More
NOTICELAM, Virginia Bonard. From August 18 – 23, 2014, the Latin American and Caribbean Seminar on Urban Pastoral Care took place in the Conference House “Santa María” of the Slaves of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Bogotá, Colombia.  One of the experts invited to this conference was the Argentinean priest, Jorge Eduardo Scheinig – pastor, with a degree in Pastoral Theology, coordinator of Urban Pastoral Care in the region of Buenos Aires (PUBA) – who spoke with NOTICELAM on what was analyzed in those days with specific depth,Read More
TOGETHER FOR EUROPE, Aurelio Molé. Representatives of movements and Christian communities gathered in Rome in preparation for the great European event of May 12, 2012 in Brussels. We are publishing an interview with Severin Schmid, Focolare Movement.      Read More
SCOTLAND, Fr. Michael Savage. For members of Schoenstatt this was a welcome return to the old Schoenstatt home at Ardmory in Langside Glasgow. As we walked up the front path there was a sense of coming home. The afternoon conference brought together members from the Focolare, the community of the risen Christ and Schoenstatt.      Read More
INTERNATIONAL, Sant’Egidio. 11 September 2001 -  11 September 2011. In Munich, in connection with Ground Zero in New York, a global memory collects the major world religions.        Read More
Sant’Egidio. "The spirit of Assisi comes to Monaco", announced last July 7 in Monaco card. Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of the city, in a press briefing, held together with representatives of the Community of Sant'Egidio, which for 25 years - since the Day of Prayer for Peace in Assisi in 1986 - promoted every year, meetings of dialogue and collaboration between leaders of Christian churches and of great world religions, picking up this legacy.Read More
INTERNATIONAL, mkf. Holy Cross Family Ministries invite youth and all people with youthful hearts to join in a worldwide campaign of prayer, FIRM IN FAITH WITH MARY, praying the Rosary for World Youth Day on Saturdays from the beginning of May until WYD takes place in August.The initiator and Director of Holy Cross Family Ministries, Fr. James Phalan, who recently visited Schoenstatt to entrust this campaign to Our Lady of Schoenstatt, says: "With your help and the help of others in the Church throughout the world, we have, through God'sRead More