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POLAND, Kasia Sobiereiska. Thirty Schoenstatt girls from different parts of Poland came together at Schoenstatt for a pilgrimage. From the 18th until the 23rd of August, they visited the wonderful place that Schoenstatt is. The idea of their pilgrimage was to see the places and walk in the steps of Father Kentenich and the Schoenstatt Heroes. They also wanted to feel the International Spirit of the Schoenstatt Movement during the Night of the Shrine. Did they do so? Of course!Read More
Tobia Wiedemer. Covenant of Love for the Youth of the World come true: From the 7th to the 10th of August 2009, Schoenstatt was a home for a group of approximately 180 American High School and Adult participants from 14 Military communities based in 6 European countries. It was a success in every way and everybody was richly blessed.  Read More
CHILE, José Luis Nicolás. There are always memorable times, but there is not a better memory than that lived with joy. On July 12th thru the 18th, a group of sixteen youths along with Father Patricio Rodríguez and a seminarian, Juan Ignacio Homazábal, experienced something that at first seemed mundane, but as the days passed it was transformed into a great challenge. This was the first mission for the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth in Valparaíso; it was a new experience for the University Branch of the Schoenstatt ShrineRead More

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A letter to the Schoenstatt Youth

Dear young people gathered in Schoenstatt, On this Night of the Shrines, you are renewing a Covenant of Love sealed four years ago by 2500 young people in the name of thousands of Schoenstatt Youth in their home countries and the millions of youth in this world who struggle to find their place and their unique mission in this life.  Read More

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Schoenstatt, this weekend

August 22, Feast of Queenship of Mary. Schoenstatt Youth from Germany, along with young people from many other countries, are gathered around the Original Shrine for the annual youth pilgrimage , the Night of the Shrine, culminating this night with the renewal of the Covenant of Love for the Youth of the world, at midnight local time - live transmitted via www.schoenstatt-tv from 10.00PM - 0.30 PM local time.  In Croatia, the first Schoenstatt Shrine is to be dedicated today. The Schoenstatt Family in Paraguay prepares for the "Family Day"Read More