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PARAGUAY, Olga and Héctor Morán • We are Olga and Héctor, we met at university, where we friends; after nine years of courtship, we married almost 18 years ago. Anahí (16) and Gaspar (14) were the fruit of our marriage and a gift from God. — We were both from Catholic families, but we were not practicing Catholics. We went to Mass on Palm Sunday, and we went on pilgrimage to Caacupé every December 7th (rain or shine). Sometimes we attended Sunday Mass that was the extent of our practice.Read More
PARAGUAY, Marcela Encina • I met the Blessed Mother through my mother. She did not belong to the Schoenstatt Movement nor did she belong to any Branch, however, I believe that I saw the most fervent Schoenstatter in her. The picture of the Blessed Mother was present in my house since I can remember. I vividly remember her during my mother’s months of pregnancy waiting for my brother. My parents had prayed to her to grant them a boy after three girls, and I remember they were so grateful forRead More
PARAGUAY, by Mónica Enciso • Monday, 20 June, nine groups of the Professional Women’s Branch, which began its road within the Schoenstatt Movement in 2015, sealed their commitment with the Blessed Mother, with the Schoenstatt community, and with each one of their life-sisters on the road to the covenant of love. From Asunción, Itá, and  Villarica The nine groups are from:  Asunción, Itá and Villarrica – they arrived at the Santuario Joven (Young Shrine), where they participated in Holy Mass; Fr. Pedro Mraballes, priestly adviser of the Professional Women’s BranchRead More
Francis in Paraguay, María Esther Duarte, Ciudad del Este • At the same moment the Pope arrived in Paraguay, my children, Miguel, Enrique, Ester, and I arrived at the airport in Asunción beginning a series of many unforgettable and emotional moments. Greetings and glances As we traveled through the streets and before we knew it, we had arrived in front of the Youth Shrine, where we parked. We walked to the roped off area, where the Holy Father would pass (in the Popemobile) on his way to the Apostolic Nunciature.Read More
PARAGUAY, by María Fischer, editors • “Thank you, Holy Father…” The moment the Alitalia plane approached the airport in Asunción, the crowds began singing the official hymn for Pope Francis’ visit to Paraguay. The hymn by the group, “Nazarenos,” with its simple lyrics which are the simultaneously loving and express commitment, had already been heard so many times and with great joy, given that four of the nine “Nazarenos” members belong to Schoesntatt, and that the “Nazarenos” have sung at the shrine in Tuparendá. This song would accompany the wholeRead More