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ROME/VATICAN, by Maria Fischer • “I never imagined being here,” said Mercedes MacDonough. “I still can’t believe I’m here at the Holy Father’s Mass in St. Peters on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.” With love and emotion, she raises her pilgrim mother and a small cross of the Lord of the Miracles of Salta, Argentina, which she would later take to Room 101 at the Fr. Kentenich House in Belmonte, the “Argentina” room. It is 29 June, a Wednesday, but her dream to attend Pope Francis’ general audienceRead More

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Our Dream: Belmonte, the Shrine of All of Us

From Melba and Pedro Lopez, Belmonte Pilgrims from Corrientes, Argentina • Our dream: Belmonte, the shrine of all of us! You can be sure that from this place of grace this year Mary is calling upon her allies, the hearts that follow Fr Kentenich, to open the doors of mercy! And from Belmonte she does it in the way this shrine does it, which has been marked by Latin America, and which nestles in the heart of the Church, in Rome. It does one good to discover Belmonte surrounded byRead More
POPE FRANCIS IN CUBA – MISSIONARY OF MERCY • The Pope left the cathedral in Havana and went to the Félix Varela Cultural Centre, where thousands of young people were waiting for him under a heavy rain. Catholics, members of other faiths, non-believers….and Francis once again improvised, this time around two concepts: dreams and hope. Complete text of Pope Francis at the Félix Varela Cultural Centre You are standing up and I am sitting. How rude! But you know why I am sitting; it is because I was taking notesRead More