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PARAGUAY, Laura Andrea Barrios • It was a great challenge experiencing the Covenant Celebration on October 18th this year in Encarnación, which is in the midst of a spiritual conquest of the South’s daughter shrine. The Work Council began preparations during previous months and with the distribution of tasks — During the novena, it rained almost every day. Meanwhile we were very close together in the Casita de la Mater (the Blessed Mother’s Little House) which Frs. Oscar Saldívar and Santiago Cacavelos baptized as the “joyful and pious Little House.”Read More
PARAGUAY, José Argüello • A few hours after everything was over, someone found and shared a chapter of the book “Ella es mi mama”, [She is my Mother] Fr. Alexandre Awi’s great Pope Francis interview about his encounters with Mary. ”Santuarizar la cuidad” [Turn the city into a Shrine] is the title of the chapter, it is one of the greatly loved, “Bergoglisms” that verbalize an entire process of life, precisely with this touch of novelty and irritation that the Good News needs in these times of the inflated useRead More
PARAGUAY, José Argüello • It was a terrible fright; on Wednesday, 7 September, there was a huge fire in the Boys’ Youth House in front of the Asunción Youth Shrine. Usually a group of boys spends a week together at the house. Thanks be to God, when the fire happened, no one was in the house, and it was just a big scare with a great deal of building damage. The damage and repairs are being evaluated.  There is sorrow and anger about the incident, and enormous gratitude that thereRead More