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Fire burns Boys’ Youth House in Asunción

PARAGUAY, José Argüello •

It was a terrible fright; on Wednesday, 7 September, there was a huge fire in the Boys’ Youth House in front of the Asunción Youth Shrine.

Usually a group of boys spends a week together at the house. Thanks be to God, when the fire happened, no one was in the house, and it was just a big scare with a great deal of building damage. The damage and repairs are being evaluated.  There is sorrow and anger about the incident, and enormous gratitude that there was no loss of life or injury to the boys.

The Men’s Branch serenade to the Blessed Mother was cancelled because of the fire.


The boys simply want to say thanks for the many displays of affection and friendship because of this tragedy.  Fr. Santiago Cacbelos commented:  “We are very impressed by what happened, by the magnitude of the fire, the damages, but we are also profoundly grateful to God who, truly, protected all of us.  Now, we must work to build our beloved Boys’ Youth house in all aspects. It is a training house for the boys, and this house always helps those who need it.  Today we need it.”


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