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BOLIVIA, Alexandra Kempff • I could write an article every day on the emotions experienced in preparation for the construction of the Santa Cruz Shrine. From the euphoria and confidence that everything is possible, to the overwhelming doubt of whether we will be able to afford all the projected expenses. In between, a lot of meditation and prayer, listening to Divine Providence, and trying to avoid the confusion caused by our own voices. — Something that at the time simply seemed a curious fact In 2016, while visiting San JoséRead More
FRANCIS – EASTER 2017 • During Easter Sunday Mass celebrated in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis broke with tradition and gave a homily that reflected closely on the dramas at play in the world today: ” Let us think a little about our daily problems, the illnesses that each one of us or one of our family members have experienced,” Francis said, and then he asked: “What does the Church say to us today in the light of so many tragedies? Simply this: the stone that was rejected is notRead More
CHILE, Talca, by Carlos Montoya and Paulina Tapia • In the year 1992, in Tacla, a group of couples gathered for the first time in the home of Fernando Bobenrieth and Martita Kulkis to begin their road to Schoenstatt. Father Horacio Rivas arrived very soon to these lands; the following year, the first Covenants of Love were sealed, and two years later the Wayside Shrine was blessed. This is how the Schoenstatt in Talca was born, which has grown in Covenant life throughout twenty-three years with abundant contributions to theRead More