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“COME AND SEE” – Schoenstatt on the way out

SPAIN, Cristina Ruiz Tirado •

In some youths of the Schoenstatt Boys’ and Girls’ Youth of Madrid, the missionary desire grew to take Schoenstatt to Córdoba, where we had begun nine years ago with the Misión País; so we set out and decided to make Schoenstatt known among the youths of Córdoba who wanted to be closer to the Blessed Mother. —

So that they could experience Schoenstatt firsthand

Logotipo del encuentro

Logo of the meeting

The daily crowning of the Blessed Mother for this meeting since April 18th, and two months of expectation, preparation, and great desire for the world to know Schoenstatt’s love for the Blessed Mother, made it possible for a group of ten youth, along with a Schoenstatt Father, to organize a retreat during the weekend of June 23rd-25th in the parish of San Vicente Ferrer in Córdoba, Spain. With the motto “Come and see”, we wanted to show the youth of this diocese the beginnings of the Schoenstatt Movement, the Blessed Mother, the Shrine, the charism…so that they could experience firsthand what Schoenstatt is.

Anything but far from reality, lived holiness in everyday life, youth who love Christ and the Blessed Mother, normal youth who want to ask irresistible questions of the world, youth who play, have fun, dance, enjoy themselves, but also pray and love. This is what we want to show others, this desire for holiness, to be all that we want to be and do, without losing sight of our compass, the Blessed Mother.

We want to continue to make our Queen known in Córdoba and in all of Spain

It was a weekend that did not leave anyone indifferent, neither us nor the youths who had come from all parts of the province, a weekend in which we all learned from each other, were happy and came closer to God. I also believe that we were all able to discover a little more what we are called to do and what our path to holiness is.

The welcome by the youth was wonderful, everyone was happy and looking forward to another meeting of this kind. And we, the youth, look forward to making our Queen known in Córdoba and throughout Spain.

Asistentes al encuentro

Participants of the meeting in Córdoba

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer @schoenstatt.org

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