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Mother Thrice Admirable in the Presidential Office

PERU, Fr. Rafael Reategui, Fr. José Luis Correa •

On May 13, in the midst of a very tense and uncertain political situation, Fr. Rafael Reategui presented the President of the Republic of Peru with a picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. —

PerúFr. Rafael Reategui, who sealed his covenant with the Blessed Mother in 2005, is pastor in Manchay, a poor area on the outskirts of Lima. The president, Dina Boluarte Zegarra, said she wants to put the image of the Blessed Mother in the presidential office.

Dina Boluarte Zegarra assumed the presidency of the Republic of Peru on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, after the presidential vacancy was declared – in Congress – of her predecessor Pedro Castillo Terrones, who tried to perpetrate a failed coup d’état attempt.

May the Mother of the Lord from here bless Peru, its politicians, and its people.

“The increasingly globalized society makes us closer, but not more brothers,” Pope Francis observes in “Fratelli Tutti.” “In the face of so many petty and immediatist forms of politics, I recall that political greatness is shown when, in difficult moments, one works for great principles and thinking of the common good in the long term.” In a 2015 audience, Francis noted that political activity is also “a daily martyrdom: to seek the common good without letting yourself be corrupted.” But “there are so many Catholics who made a politics that was not dirty, good,” Bergoglio added, citing Italy’s Alcide De Gasperi (premier 1945-1953) and France’s Robert Schumann, considered one of the founding fathers of the European Union and declared a Servant of God in 2004.

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer



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