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A moment of pause on the issue that has moved us for weeks

Editorial Board •

The last few weeks have been very intense for everyone, but we are very satisfied to have been able to echo all your sensibilities, and with this, we hope and trust that we have contributed to create a space for opinion based on individual freedom, in which the diversity within Schoenstatt can be seen along with its richness  – although in the english version of we could not offer all the articles published in Spanish, German, and Portuguese, due to lack of translators. —

This richness will undoubtedly have to be taken into account for the future development of the Movement, where there is room for everyone, no one is left out, but rather building on the basis of truth and transparency.

After the storm we experienced, now comes a moment of pause for all of us to make a serene reflection. Within this framework, a Historical Commission has been set up in Trier which is investigating with experts the latest information that has appeared and it is hoped that soon, from the diocese, a communication will be issued on this matter, which we will immediately echo on our website. But, while this is happening, we have agreed with the General Presidency “not to “respond” to the accusations or publications that have come out or are coming out, so as not to enter into a ping pong, where one article provokes another and this never ends” (Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio), and to keep our and your opinions for the time when Trier communicates its conclusions.

Your stories generate a culture of alliance and encounter

From the editorial staff of we want to thank the thousands of friends and followers of our communication project, who make it a reality throughout the five continents.

Our mission and our work have no meaning without you, our audience. Thanks to all of you, we receive your real and true stories, your opinion articles, your comments and you also help us to spread them through the social networks. Thanks to all of you.

Confident that you will all understand the decision of the Editorial Board, which was not easy for us, we continue to be very active in publishing those life stories that are generated in so many apostolic works that arise throughout the world and we invite you to send us your own stories or to comment on those of others. That is indeed richness. It is a culture of covenant and encounter that creates solidarity.


Original Spanish 2020-08-13, translated by Maria Aragón, Monterrey, México

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