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Fr. Luis Alberto Celis appointed Diocesan Vocation Promoter

PERU, Fr. José Luis Correa / Maria Fischer •

Fr. José Luis Correa, who as always is very attentive to the subject of Schoenstatt diocesan priests, promoting their role in the Movement and working to bring more and more priests closer to the Covenant of Love. He informed us of the recent appointment of Father Luis Alberto Celis, from the first course of the Federation of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests in Peru, as Diocesan Vocation Promoter. —

“I entrust myself to your prayers dear brothers for this new service for the Catholic Church”, says Fr. Luis Alberto, when we communicate with him. Month by month, there are prayers “for vocations” in the Original Shrine as well as in different shrines around the world. Surely, this diocesan priest is included from now on in the prayers in our shrines. On July 5, a candle was lit for him in the Original Shrine.

retiro vocacional

Vocational Retreat

A service “hand in hand with Mary towards a Synodal Church”

“Our bishop Monsignor Neri Menor has also asked me to do the service of Diocesan Vocational Promoter”, shares Fr. Beto, who has just finished the youth pastoral retreat of the diocese of Carabayllo, where he carries out his service as parochial vicar in the parish of San Pedro de Ancon.

The Diocese of Carabayllo assumed as a motto for the whole pastoral life of this year 2023: “Hand in hand with Mary towards a synodal Church”. What a beneficial motto for vocation ministry, for the accompaniment of young people in their discernment in front of the whole range of vocational options at the service of Jesus and their brothers.

A Team Work

Fr. Beto proudly shares a photo with part of the team with his bishop, Monsignor Neri Menor Vargas ofm.

In total, the new Diocesan Team for Diocesan Vocation Promotion has two seminarians who have completed their studies in philosophy and theology and are now preparing for the diaconate, Martín Genaro Yupanqui Navarro and Martín Jesús Oliva Socla, plus a religious priest and a religious sister.


Collaboration: Miguel Ángel Rubio, Madrid

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer @schoenstatt.org

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