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You are there

TURKEY AND BEYOND, Maria Fischer •

“She goes ahead of us and takes her son to where he is needed,” comments Father José María García on an article published in the newspaper El País on March 27 entitled: “Do I stay or do I go? The dilemma of rebuilding Antioch, destroyed eight times”, written by Andrés Mourenza. She appears as the cover photo, the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. How did you get there, Blessed Mother? Where on earth are you going? —



It is not known who brought her there or who took her, not when and not why. The photo was taken on January 28 at a ceremony honoring the members of the Orthodox Christian community who died in the February 2023 Antioch earthquake at the Macunzus Church in İskenderun, one of Turkey’s main port cities. It is located near Antioch, a city that was severely destroyed by the earthquake, the city where “the disciples were first called Christians”.

She is there. In the middle of the rubble, in suffering and despair. On the periphery. Just as she was under the cross of her son when everyone else ran away.

Where should we go when she is there?

Even if we don’t know anyone in İskenderun, how about sending contributions to the capital of grace to this parish shrine so that she can work miracles? She is the great missionary!


Article in El País (Spanish)


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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