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On the way to my mother

COSTA RICA, Mary Cruz Coto • 

August 2nd is the feast day of Our Lady of the Angels, the patron saint of Costa Rica. The devotion to the “Negrita”, the Black Madonna, is marked by the pilgrimage to the Shrine in the Basilica of the Angels in Cartago. For this reason, the Schoenstatt Movement in Costa Rica has prepared itself spiritually to walk this path of love for our Mother. —

Beginning on July 1st and every day of the month, under the title “Our Lady of the Angels”, we have internalized what Mary means for our life of faith, entering her heart so that she can conquer ours; through songs, meditations, prayers, and the novena, we have experienced Mary’s voice calling us to meet her. As Schoenstatters, we made our contribution to the Capital of Grace to place our gratitude and petitions at the feet of the Blessed Mother with each step of faith.


More than 250 hearts on the road in community

From Shrine to Shrine, it was a journey full of joy, hope and love, with the only desire to meet our Mother. From different areas of the country, we came together as a community of hearts to make the pilgrimage from Curridabat to Cartago, a distance of about 16.3 kilometers that began with the celebration of the Eucharist.

The affectionate steps of the more than 250 pilgrims were accompanied by the joy of the songs, the words of encouragement to continue, the warm embraces of the brothers and sisters, and the warm smiles that radiated from all those who were ready to meet Mary with devotion and to say with one voice, “I am with you: Mother, here I am!

We were also accompanied by Fathers José Lizardo, Juan Francisco and Juan Ignacio, who, upon arriving at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, offered the prayer of consecration and the blessing for our return to our homes. In the midst of the many pilgrims and families from all over the country who had gathered around the Basilica, we sang to thank God and to offer our petitions and requests to our great Advocate.


The joy in the hearts of the pilgrims was more evident than the physical fatigue of the journey

At the end of the pilgrimage there was a reception where the pilgrims could rest before returning to their homes. Father Douglas Aragon, a great collaborator of the Schoenstatt Movement, was present at the reception and shared with everyone the refreshments that were prepared with great care by the Schoenstatt Movement in Cartago.

Without a doubt, this pilgrimage in honor of our Patroness was experienced with great devotion, trusting in Divine Providence and the protection of the Blessed Mother.

Hail Queen of Angels!

Collaboration: Laura Loaiza & Andrés Salas

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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