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A fruitful covenant of love

SPAIN, Laura Toves •

On May 31, one of the important dates that we celebrate every year, Belén and Óscar sealed their Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother.  —


Óscar’s Covenant of Love

The day could not have been better, sunny and warm, after the heavy rains of the previous days. It was the perfect afternoon for a great event.

They were surrounded by their brothers and sisters from the 6th course of the Apostolic Family Federation in Spain, the most recent course, and by a large delegation from the Family Federation. How could we not be there to greet them?

For every Schoenstatter, the Covenant of Love lived in depth is the essence and the core of our spirituality. It expresses a mutual commitment between God, through Mary, and us: nothing without you, nothing without us. Through the Covenant of Love with Mary, we renew the Baptismal Covenant.

Nothing without us

What does this “nothing without us” mean? Very simple:

  •     To have this longing to live spiritually secure in God.
  •     To have this longing to be transformed inwardly.
  •     To have this longing to become fruitful.

Beléns Covenant of Love

We offer our heart, our life, and place it in Mary’s maternal hands so that she can educate us like a true mother. She teaches us to interpret the will of God in our lives. In the Shrine, this small chapel, we give thanks for the blessings we receive, we give our illusions, our successes, but also our pain, our failures and what worries us as a gift of love.

Nothing without you

And it is in the moments of greatest pain, in the moments of greatest smallness, that we experience their grace and perhaps a greater closeness. In other words, her protection. And it is precisely there that she acts, transforming our interior. Thanks to the Covenant of Love, we become effective instruments, collaborators in the fulfillment of our mission, in free and perfect contact with Christ, through Mary, his constant collaborator.


Webseite: Apostolic Federation of Families (Spanish)

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer



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