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I am your new ally

ARGENTINA, Rocío Galo •

On November 4th, nineteen Girls’ Youth from the Diocese of Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina, sealed their Covenants of Love with the Blessed Mother at the homeland, the place where the future daughter shrine for the province of Chaco will be built. —

A group of older university women consisting of: Cristina Cardozo, Marcela Denis, Carla Brugnoli, Silvia Villord and Daniza Paniagua; and two groups composed of high school and university young women, Agustina Sánchez, Constanza Ramos, María Luz Krebs, Martina Rampazzo, Camila Artigue, Naomi Gutiérrez, Abril Gousal, Agustina Mezzi, Agustina Ponce, Amisel Kanger, Clara Ledesma, Emiliana Merino, Ileana Riedmaier and Sofía Tofaletti gave their perpetual Yes to Mary.

On Friday through Sunday, November 2nd-4th, the young women had a retreat to prepare for the Covenant of Love. Cristina Colombo, Adviser of the Girls’ Youth Branch, was in charge of the retreat.


To be an ally of Mary today

Throughout Saturday and part of Sunday, the adviser presented talks with topics related to Fr. Joseph Kentenich’s life and his relationship to Mary, the characteristics of an ally of Mary, readings of conferences presented by the Founder during his visits to Florencio Varela (Buenos Aires), and the different concerns of young women today.

These young women consecrated themselves to the Blessed Mother through the Covenant of Love during the celebration of the Holy Mass at the future shrine site on a sunny afternoon the Lord gave us.


Toward an encounter that became a mission

Fr. Marcelo celebrated the Eucharist and extended his congratulations to the young women who renewed their faith before Mary.  “He encouraged them to continue to discover Mary in all her richness, to find themselves more deeply in her,” the priest stressed in his homily.

After the religious ceremony, the new allies were moved and were greeted with their loved ones’ immense joy.


Original: Spanish. 18 November 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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