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Our Home Shrine…our Tabor

PARAGUAY, Montse and Roberto Ramírez

We are Montse and Roberto Ramírez, we have been married for twelve years, we have two daughters, Sophia and Emma, ages 8 and 6. We have also belonged to the large Schoenstatt Family for six years. Today after living and feeling ourselves in Covenant with Mary, especially since we feel her special presence in our home through our Home Shrine (HS), we can say nothing other than “Thank You…” and we are more and more convinced that she is our security and our road towards God the Father.

From the very moment that she chose her place in our house, we felt that it was the center of our home. She is even physically in the midst of our home, where she alone indicated through small gestures where she wanted to establish herself, and from this, her small and humble place, we feel her presence and sheltering.

Mary’s presence in our home meant the beginning of a different development in our family, a road of growth, understanding, and living and commitment to faith in Divine Providence that our Father and Founder carried out. We are conquering it everyday, many times we fall back, to a certain distance, but we always return: the Home Shrine is the safety net and cable to earth so we can “Place our hands, in your hands, so that the impossible, can be possible.”


With her, we are learning to trust, to really give ourselves. Placing our most precious gifts, our daughters in her hands, always praying as a couple that she, the great educator will guide us, to not to be the parents that “we want to be,” but to be the parents our daughters need. Moreover for her to help us to know, through giving of self and humility, the plan her Son has drawn for us.

Through our Home Shrine, we feel that our house, which was empty, has now become a place of peace and shelter, where all our worries and sorrows are extinguished, but also and of course, we take the joys and reasons for gratitude to the Mother of God.

We are convinced that with her we are in good hands…We feel at peace and our small “Tabor” shrine strengthens us giving us confidence and hope to continue, undertake, decide and listen. She has guided us to discover our Marriage Ideal, which we develop everyday.

Through the Covenant of Love and thanks to Mary’s presence in our lives and in our hearts, Schoenstatt helps us to live the “Nothing without You, nothing without us,” and to have special trust and place our smallness in her hands.

We faithfully believe that she is the great Educator and the road to knowing Jesus and living our Covenant life as baptized persons.

We share a verse from our Home Shrine prayer that identifies us a family:

“We offer ourselves as your instruments in daily life, with our weaknesses, joys and difficulties, leaving ‘everything in your hands’, as a loyal symbol of our Covenant.”


Source: Magazine “Tupãrenda”, July 2017

Original: Spanish, 17 August 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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