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Painting the joy of Costa Rica’s Shrine

CHILE/COSTA RICA, Rodrigo Garnham and Pilar Oyarzun, Militant Apostolic Community Family Branch, Chile

Day by day, I have joyfully accompanied the process of the dream come true for our beloved brothers/sisters and friends from Costa Rica.

Saturday, 18 March, they will see this dream come true… As a Chilean, I am very grateful for the chosen land where I was born, and perhaps I was even accustomed to having a Shrine close to us, I cannot imagine life without this source of graces that accompanies me day by day.

My husband and I had the gift of accompanying the militant couples from Costa Rica. They have worked very hard with all the strength that characterizes the militant to accomplish this dream, along with the entire Costa Rican Schoenstatt Family, who as their national motto states: they are PURA VIDA [all life]!



I thank my beloved Blessed Mother for inviting and my husband, Rodrigo, and I to participate in this event with them.

Since we unfortunately will not be able to attend, I got the idea of sending you a humble gift on our behalf. I was inspired to paint a picture, trying to affectionately interpret, the dream come true.

A very warm embrace to our beloved friends,

Rodrigo Garnham and Pilar Oyarzun

Militant Apostolic Community

Family Branch – Chile


From the Shrines, a prayer to unite with the blessing of Costa Rica’s Shrine on 18 March

Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt, Queen of Hope,

we come to you with grateful hearts, for the gift of this virtue, infinite source of joy and peace.

Hope reigned in the Holy Family and accompanied you everyday of your life.

We come to you because our families need to live in the Hope of Love and with the Hope of Faith.

Consolidate our family in unity, commitment and fraternal love,

with the Hope of building the New Community as thought by our Father and Founder.

In this Shrine, Hope is the Grace for the pilgrims, because You, Blessed Mother,

are the Model and Teacher of Hope. Amen.


Original: Spanish, 03/03/17. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA


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