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Two new vocations

PARAGUAY, Tuparenda Magazine. Manuel Edmundo Troncoso López (20 ) and Ricardo María Morales Ferreira (also 20) are two new vocations for the Schoenstatt Institute of Fathers in Paraguay. Soon they will begin their novitiate in Tuparenda, along with twenty other young men from all over Iberia America. What motivated them to make this decision? What are their desires, what is their restlessness? Both of them answer joyfully…  Read More
ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa. On the afternoon of the 16th of December, the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth of Córdoba, suffered one of the greatest tragedies in its history: the going home to the House of the Father of one of its dearest, most committed members and one loved by all, Jeremías Ruiz. He was affectionately called "el Jere" and they will continue calling him this way. His going home was not only sudden but unexpected. A cerebral aneurism was the explosive which in hardly 6 hours causedRead More
Fifty years after November 1, 1959, Father Guillermo Mario Cassone, a Schoenstatt Father from Argentina presently working in Rome, shares a testimony about his first encounter with Father Kentenich that took place that day at the Milwaukee Shrine.    Read More
mkf. "Forwarding the very interesting article which is probably the 1000th one since I did a couple on another computer. But it is no "Big Deal". I feel privileged to do this as my contribution to the Capital of Grace. It is great to be on the cutting edge of what is happening in Schoenstatt throughout the world!"  Read More
Before returning to Australia and after participating in his community's congress, Father Marcelo Aravena, a Chilean, spoke with about his work in Australia….. with a multicultural church and movement.  Read More
mkf. On August 31, 2009, Mr. Franz M. Vogel was seventy years old; he is a member of the Institute of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary. He was born in Rottweil, and he is “fruit” of the apostolic work of Father Moser; he affirms, smiling. He is the one who on every 18th and frequently at other times lights the fire, where the contributions to the Capital of Grace are burned after the renewing of the Covenant of Love at the Original Shrine. Although he is not veryRead More
SWITZERLAND, mkf. On March 26, 2009, he celebrated the 70th Anniversary of his priestly ordination with the brothers of his community. He was the oldest Schoenstatt Father, and he was a witness to many events in Schoenstatt history, which are still being studied. On July 23, 2009 he died at the age of 97.Read More
HUNGARY, Gertrud María Erhard. Two hours after the consecration of the third Family Federation course in Obudavár, Hungary – July 9, 2009 – not far from the Shrine, one of its members died: it was Csaba Ozsvári, an internationally known religious art silversmith. "Since then, everything is different from before," says Moni R., a member of the third Family Federation course in Hungary, shortly after the sudden death of Csaba Ozsvári. Two hours after the magnificent Holy Mass for the consecration of the Course, amid the festivity and a shortRead More