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ECUADOR, Maria Fischer • In rubber boots they are walking through ankle-deep mud. From time to time, they have to jump over a torrent of muddy water. But they do not stop. They continue to walk through the streets full of mud, a consequence of the flood that last Monday destroyed large parts of La Comuna, the poorest neighborhood in Quito. They are Fr. Rafael Amaya and some volunteers who are collecting telephone numbers and addresses of the victims, not getting their hands dirty – as Pope Francis always demandsRead More
By Fr Egon M. Zillekens, Rector, and Maria Fischer • The pictures of the floods threatening the Original Shrine, and Msgr Peter Wolf’s courageous rescue operations, are still fresh in the minds – and on Saturday, 25th June, the Wambach again broke its banks after cloudbursts, but this time it was worse than before. Within minutes a brown, muddy mess poured from the Wambach valley along the roads leading to the Original Shrine. The water was knee-high in front of the Old House, and poured into the Original Shrine, reachingRead More
FRANCIS IN PARAGUAY, Marité and Ramón Marini / Maria Fischer • It has been over three weeks since Pope Francis celebrated the massive Mass at Ñu Guazú, on the outskirts of Asunción with almost two million pilgrims. We 1remember the very beautiful corn and coconut altar containing the names, concerns, and petitions of thousands of people that were written on the coconuts. We remember José Argüello’s story and photos of the night vigil with the title: “Serving with feet in the mud” Here we are, trying to absorb all of theRead More
Francis in Paraguay, María Esther Duarte, Ciudad del Este • At the same moment the Pope arrived in Paraguay, my children, Miguel, Enrique, Ester, and I arrived at the airport in Asunción beginning a series of many unforgettable and emotional moments. Greetings and glances As we traveled through the streets and before we knew it, we had arrived in front of the Youth Shrine, where we parked. We walked to the roped off area, where the Holy Father would pass (in the Popemobile) on his way to the Apostolic Nunciature.Read More