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CUBA/ARGENTINA, AICA and Osvaldo Martín • A statue of Saint Joseph, a little over six feet high and weighing about 176lbs, will be transported from the Basilica de San José de Flores [The Basilica of Saint Joseph of Flowers] to the Cathedral of Havana, Cuba, where it will be blessed by Pope Francis during his apostolic visit on 19-22 September. Behind this gesture toward the Cuban people is a story of a neighbor from the Flores’ neighborhood. He is profoundly devoted to Saint Joseph, and he moved heaven and earthRead More
ARGENTINA, Maria Fischer. Francisco de Buenos Aires [Francis of Buenos Aires] is a documentary that depicts the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from the point of view of his loved ones and those who know him best.  This film will reach Argentina’s cinemas on the eve of the second anniversary of the election of the Argentinean Cardinal as Pope, and it proposes to make Pope Francis known through his life, his words, and by the testimony of those who know him best, but basically for his management during the firstRead More