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P. Elmar Busse • If one approaches the publications about Father Joseph Kentenich with the methods of qualitative content analysis from communication science or keyword research from marketing, then one finds the snow-white beard of Kentenich as a figurative mark or logo, as keywords: “soon to be canonized”, “always”, and since 2020: “abuse”. In the following series of articles, we would like to take a different look at Kentenich – neither the bearded St. Nicholas, nor the candidate for canonization, nor the one suspected of abuse of power or spiritualRead More
Laudato Si
Global Catholic Climate Movement • During the recent Season of Creation, the Colombia chapter of the Global Catholic Climate Movement had an idea: How can we more broadly share the life-changing message of Laudato Si’, one of integral ecology, caring for our common home, and uniting with our sisters and brothers across the world to work against the climate crisis? Led by coordinator Lina Sedano Rodríguez, the Colombia chapter realized the best way was to make the encyclical more accessible. Share the encyclical by reading it aloud to thousands ofRead More