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ARGENTINA, Carlos Ricciardi • Last Sunday, Juan Carlos Lombardi of the second course of the Family Federation of Argentina passed away. On February 22, in a Mass at Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish in La Plata, his family, his parish and his large Schoenstatt Family expressed gratitude for the life of this apostle. — He was a Federation brother and friend of many years with whom we shared tasks, adventures, and dreams. He was a great guy, a Catholic, a good husband and father of a family. Cheerful… aRead More
Carlos Ricciardi, Argentina • In this world, where we are immediately connected with what is happening everywhere, where we receive numerous messages, notices, circulars, notifications, promotions, spam, etc., and where we also communicate with our favorite or necessary pages for our work, social, family, sports, religious, commercial and other activities, I ask myself and I ask you (as my parish priest Guillermo says in his sermons) Is my communication and use of today’s digital media efficient and responsible? — … someone would appear saying Happy Birthday! With the massive useRead More