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María Fischer • “Suffering In Silence“ is the name of the aid organization CARE’s annual report on the forgotten catastrophes of humanity. Not because the victims suffer in silence, but because the media conceal, ignore and forget their suffering. For the sixth time, the media analysis lists ten crises that have affected at least one million people and have been mentioned the least in international online media. And what doesn’t appear in the media is only noticed by people who are very mindful and take great initiative in observing. PeopleRead More
CHILE, Verónica Del Fierro G. • The pandemic has shown us our weakness, fears, and anxieties, but also our adaptability and resilience despite the most challenging aspects of treatment failures among our patients, the painful loss of work colleagues and family members. This has tested our ability to pick ourselves up and trust our knowledge, improvise spaces for administering and expanding treatment, study, reskill, and upgrade our skills via online courses on new ventilation therapies and pharmaceutical treatments. When? In the scarce and limited free time that is left, postponingRead More

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By Fr. Guillermo Carmona, National Director of Schoenstatt in Argentina • To go out to encounter not only presupposes “closeness,” but also “care” for the other person. To care for someone is to have concern for, to take interest in, to anticipate dangers, and to accompany the person in their adventure toward freedom; it is the strength to develop his best talents and to fulfill his vocation. Against the globalization of indifference It is the opposite of indifference, to the “globalization of indifference” that was mentioned by Pope Francis. HisRead More