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In the Independent Club activities for children are carried out

ARGENTINA, Guillermo Elcano. A great number of children participated last Monday, Jan 28th, in the first activities of this missionary group, while the others with little ones, were in St. Peter’s chapel.



To take advantage of this institution’s small swimming pool, the young people in charge of these activities, gathered the children there.  Although the mission is focused on the youths of the area around the chapel of St. Peter, the invitation “is open to all children interested in participating in these events,” said Emanuel Lindon Colombo, “person-in-charge of the kids, together with my colleague, Chulé, from the Family Missions,” as this young lady of 16, introduced herself.

To go where you can find children

“The idea is,”  continued Emanuel, “that every afternoon, between 17:30 – 19:30, we take care that these children have fun with many different kinds of games and activities, and we will do them all here in the Independent Club, taking advantage of the presence of many children in the small swimming pool.”

These activities were carried on “up to Friday, February 1st, and children from allover were invited, and not only those who usually come to the place and the chapel of St. Peter’s!  All children were  invited “from 3 to 14 years of age” since all activities were varied according to age appropriateness.  “With the small ones, we planned to paint, draw and with others, we played football, or pin-the-tail on the donkey, or hide and seek….  We had many sort of games so they would have a good time.”  He emphasized that “ the children need not bring anything, it was completely free.  They only had to come with lots of enthusiasm to play and have fun,” assured Emanuel.

For the young and couples

With regard to activities for the young, they happened every day in the catechism hall of the St. Peter’s chapel (59th Street and Brown) from 17:30 H. onwards.  Everyone was invited, not only the young living around the chapel, but all youth of the city who wanted to participate in an afternoon with a different kind of enjoyment prepared by other young people their same age.  Here everyone from 15 up to 25 years old was welcome.

Adults as well had an event last Wednesday, the 30th, a workshop for married couples and/or young couples after 19hs., was open to the whole community.

Rosary, Eucharist, Confessions, theatre, music and art

Among other activities, aside from those already mentioned and visits to many homes in the district and around the St. Peter’s Chapel, while the mission was going on, a rosary was said every day at 19.30h. followed by a Eucharist at 20h, celebrated by Fr. Javier Artaga, the National Director of Schoenstatt.  During these days, Fr. Javier heard confessions from 19.30h onwards.  And last Thursday, the 31st, in the Plaza of St. Martin, the missionaries did a theatre presentation around 19h followed by a small dinner.  Among the local artists, the well-known folklore artist Carlos “Negro” Barrozo was found.

The mission is composed of almost 100 people among families, the young, couples, seminarians and one priest.

In Argentina and many other countries like Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Germany, these family missions were accompanied with the prayer of the rosary, Masses and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Note published in the El Diario de Pringles, last Tuesday, 29th January 2013

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Original: Spanish. English translation: Kohnie Valderama, Madrid, Spain

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