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The “Casa del Niño Fr. José Kentenich” has a new website – in three languages!

ARGENTINA, Maria Fischer •

Casa del Niño recently launched its new website – with many photos, a concise presentation of mission and vision, an institutional video, options for online donations, and all this not only in Spanish, but also in English and German.

The day care center “Casa del Niño P. José Kentenich” is a social project that is not only important for Florencio Varela or for Argentina, but that radiates far and wide. Many people in other countries of Latin America, in the United States, in Europe and who knows where else, feel inspired and strengthened in their own apostolate because they know that in this place, in the midst of so much misery, poverty and violence, a better world can be built in the lives of 300 children and their families. If it is possible there, why not in my place? This has been the dynamic of Kentenich communication for over 100 years: mutual inspiration in the struggle for our ideals in difficult times. Mutual inspiration through real life stories.Casa del Niño


Casa del Niño is a real life story

Casa del Niño is a real story. Its actors are first and foremost the 300 children who receive support day after day and contribute their effort in a true covenant of solidarity. The actors are the director, the educators, the psychologists and the volunteers. The actors are the members of the Board of Directors, led by its president, Juan Diego Stelatelli. The actors are also the benefactors from Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, etc., who contribute by sponsoring a child or contributing to the general expenses.

We invite you to get to know Casa del Niño through the new website and the articles published on

Bank account in Germany (SEPA zone)
Name: Schoenstatt Fathers International
IBAN: DE22 4006 0265 0003 1616 07
Purpose of payment: Casa del Nino Florencio Varela


Original: Spanish, 04.06.2023. Translation: Maria Fischer


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