Primer grupo de familias de Schoenstatt en Honduras

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Schoenstatt – present in San Pedro Sula

HONDURAS, Lourdes Rosabal and Manrique Gutiérrez • 

In January 2020, we traveled from Costa Rica for the first time to Honduras to take the Blessed Mother to these lands, with the mission that She will help us to conquer ‘Catracho’ hearts for Schoenstatt. —

On that occasion we went with the continental coordinator and adviser for Central America, Father José Luis Correa, who just a month before, had invited us to assume the task with him of taking Schoenstatt to Honduras from our country, Costa Rica. We took on the task of being co-advisors for Honduras, maintaining permanent contact with their leaders and Father José Luis and we traveled there together looking for opportunities.

Two groups of young couples

That first contact we had, in those few days, left seeds in people and couples that, despite the pandemic, were germinating strongly until today, consolidating, in the case of San Pedro Sula, in a first group of young couples that was formed (G1) and soon, there will be a second group of couples.

These young “sanpedranos”, as they are called to those who live in that city, are all newlyweds and as a curious fact, they started the group in 2020 being still engaged couples because, despite having everything planned, with the pandemic they had to postpone their marriages for the following year. This was not an impediment for them to start their formation with enthusiasm, while each couple received their marriage sacrament little by little.

They will be the first allies in Honduras

In an ‘almost heroic’ way, they held totally virtual meetings for two years, guided by a couple from Costa Rica. Now they meet face-to-face, but always with their monitor virtually. This year they are beginning their preparation for the Covenant of Love with Mary, which is very special because they will be the first allies that the Blessed Mother has in that country. There is no doubt that God and his Blessed Mother know how to take advantage of difficulties and they do not let themselves be defeated!

Two of these couples were invited to participate in the 2nd Ibero-American Congress of the Family Work (CIOF) in Asuncion, Paraguay next May. They are looking forward to getting to know more about the Movement and to learn new ideas of accompaniment and formation of couples to take back to their country.

As for other branches, in Honduras we can find, in addition to this group of family branches, a small group of professional girls who meet.

In the capital city, Tegucigalpa, for the moment, only four Pilgrim MTA’s go on pilgrimage to various families who receive her with great affection and offer her rosaries, and two more are being prepared to be sent.

The most curious thing… the image continues to go on pilgrimage

La peregrina de Honduras

The most curious thing happened a few months ago when, by chance or ‘godsends’, Father José Luis, in one of his visits, found out through a lady who attends one of the Masses, that in the city of La Ceiba, three hours from San Pedro Sula, for many years there was an image that was on pilgrimage, just like the one that the father showed in the Mass. The first question: how and who took it there? An unknown that remains to this day.

What we know, through the contacts that this person was able to give, is that it was taken by a priest many years ago and that it was given, with a special sending blessing, to a group of ladies who are now deceased, but who managed, even today, to keep the image on pilgrimage.

The name of the priest is not remembered.

We see here the photo of this image in reference and that just a couple of days ago we were able to obtain.

May the Blessed Mother continue to accompany and guide the Honduran family so that she may continue to call hearts to come closer to Schoenstatt Honduras.

The Pilgrim MTA from long ago

The Pilgrim MTA from long ago

Lourdes Rosabal y Manrique Gutiérrez, de Costa Rica, son coasesores para Honduras

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