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A bridge between Romania and Costa Rica

COSTA RICA, Father José Luis Correa • 

Accompanied by the Apostolic Nuncio in Costa Rica, Bishop Bruno Musaró, and the Secretary of the Nunciature, the Romanian Bishop Laurencio Dacuta, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest, Bishop Aurel Percă, visited the Schoenstatt Shrine in the Costa Rican capital.

Altar para un futuro santuario en Rumanía

Altar for a future Shrine in Romania

He was received by Father José Luis Correa, National Advisor of the Schoenstatt Movement in Costa Rica and Central America and Continental Coordinator of Schoenstatt in the Americas.

Father Patricio Moore, who is currently in Costa Rica, and another Romanian priest were also present.

Father José Luis had previously informed the Sisters of Mary in Romania, who sent greetings to Archbishop Percă and told him that they have a house in Timisoara (Temesvár), the most important economic, social, and cultural center in western Romania, where they already have the altarpiece and the altar for the future first Romanian Shrine.

Seven Sisters of Mary are from Romania. In Satu Mare, Oradea, Arad and Timisoara there are some families and young people, diocesan priests and missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother.

Costa Rica

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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