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October 18 in the Shrine “Mary Road to Heaven” in Monterrey, México

MEXICO, Eduardo Shelley. At the summit of the Cerro del Caído, where the Shrine, Mary Road to Heaven, stands, the evening is quite spectacular. The moderate weather with just a touch of autumn was a magnificent preamble for the Covenant Mass.




This was a very special date, because in addition to the anniversary of the Covenant that Father Kentenich founded with that group of sodalists, today the Year of the Shrine Current was officially opened, a year that invites us to remain loyal to this source of graces that our Mother abundantly bestows.

The Gospel of Saint Luke relates the story of the Annunciation highlighting the figure of the Holy Virgin, who looks at us from the shrine and reminds us of Mary’s unconditional acceptance of God’s will. In his homily, Father Stefano Daneri mentioned the very difficult times that Germany and the world experienced in 1914. Mexico and Monterrey in particular are suffering a wave of violence and death that cry out for the re-founding of society built with values of love, respect, and commitment.

All united to the Original Shrine as a part of this stream of graces that emanates from the Original Shrine, and then returns to it magnified through the daughter shrines, the Home-shrines, an heart-shrines allover the world.

This celebration of the Covenant and Founding day was held in a more familiar context as it fell on a working day. The big Covenant Day Party is scheduled for this coming Sunday, October 23 – article promised!

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