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Rosary for our Mother Shrine Celebrates its 42nd Anniversary

Weiskirchen Mothers' Branch. It was 1967. Fr. Kentenich had returned to Schoenstatt after 14 years in exile. Many people came to see their father and founder, but mostly to listen to his words of advice, looking for guidance. The Weiskirchen Mothers' Branch also went to see him, borrowing an old Volkswagen bus from a construction company. Our hearts were on fire and we wanted to give our founder a present for his birthday. We wanted it to be a spiritual and practical gift. This is how we came up withRead More
Fr. José Luis Correa. In Schoenstatt, we have interpreted both events as a happy "God-incidence"….. an enormous gift from Divine Providence. In fact, the four Schoenstatt priestly communities had been reflecting for quite some time, before the announcement came from Rome, on how to celebrate the coming year in light of the centennial anniversary of the priestly ordination of their founder. In the meantime, some things have fallen into place; for example, the dates for the celebrations. The World Encounter for Priests, convoked by Pope Benedict XVI to close theRead More
ARGENTINA, Catalina Adrover de Michelini. The God the Father Educational Center Day was celebrated on November 18th. It is customary to carry out the "Kentenich Journey" at the school on this date. These journeys consist of the 8th grade students (at the elementary level) to the 3rd year of secondary level along with their "godchildren" from the 3rd to 7th grade to study an aspect of Father Kentenich's life, in this case, his years as a seminarian and the first years of his priesthood, with the motto: "Father, your vocationRead More
PUERTO RICO, Solmarie Vélez. On October 31, 2009, the Schoenstatt Shrine of Cabo Rojo was delighted by a visit of more than 100 children and their parents, who were participants of the Worldwide Conference of One Million Children Praying for Unity and Peace (which took place on October 18th in other countries) and it was also the closing of the month of the Rosary.  Read More
POLAND, Fr. Elmar Busse. The scene: A varied and vast sea of burning lights, the noise and bustle of people visiting the graves of loves ones! Scenes of a vibrant local faith on the eve of the Solemnity of All Saints; scenes that will undoubtedly remain in the heart, when you arrive for the first time in Poland. The deceased loved ones, however, was not the theme for the Family Conference for around forty participants, it was much more the "living" and the "loving" - children, families and couples.  Read More