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Posted On September 3, 2009 In Covenant Life

I want to be your hands and your feet!

ARGENTINA, Silvia Losada. On August 23rd, the missionaries from Tucumán renewed their commitment to the mission at the Shrine of Tucumán. Although Spring is still a month away, a warm and brilliant day welcomed the people who arrived from Santiago del Estero to join the large annual celebration of the Tucumán Rosary Campaign.Read More
BRAZIL, Sister M. Silvana Pin. “In truth, you deserved the crown, deserved it to the fullest!” This sentiment was shared by all of Schoenstatt’s sons and daughters who participated in the solemn celebration of praise for the Queen of Heroic Child-likeness on 20.08.2009. The 60th jubilee of the crowning by our father and founder in 1949 united the Schoenstatt Family in Santa Maria in an uninterrupted chain of prayer.Read More
MEXICO, Joche and Yvonne Kaitimi. During a very touching ceremony, five families had the great gift of being called by God and the Blessed Mother to be the founding families of the Schoenstatt Institute of Families in Mexico by beginning the first course of the Novitiate.Read More
The 30th Meeting of Rimini has took place following to the challenge given by Pope Benedict XVI: " distance and absence of involvement are not ideals to chase, in vain, in the pursue of an 'objective' knowledge'. Instead, the ideal to chase is the adequate involvement with the object".Everyone - speakers, guests an for first us - have been firstly conquered by the show of almost 4.000 volunteers that have paid their board and lodging in order to work at the Meeting, sign of a will to make an experience,Read More
ITALY/GERMANY, mkf. Forty young men of the Boys' Youth from Germany are already close to Pisa, and they continue to run with enthusiasm that seems to grow with each kilometer, with each mountain pass that is overcome. With a torch in hand that was lit at the Original Shrine, they have been running since August 23rd. The torch only stops for a few hours at night, and then continues as they run. Their goal: Saint Peter's in Rome- the heart of the Church. They are carryingRead More