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Jornada Nacional Schoenstatt Panamá
PANAMA, Carmen Franco • The Blessed Mother and God have their times. This journey was planned for October 2020 and had to be postponed because of the pandemic. She, as a tender mother who knows her children, knew that we needed more time. Time for more togetherness, prayer, formation and listening. She gave us everything for this February 4, 2023. — Eleven commissions were formed for the organization of this National Conference in which we worked hand in hand with the Blessed Mother as one body. Our most important commissionRead More
P. Ignacio Cruz
CHILE, Maria Fischer, Luciana Rosas and Claudia Echenique • On 3 March, Fr. Ignacio Cruz, a Chilean Schoenstatt Father, lost his battle to COVID-19 after becoming infected, together with other priests at the residence for elderly priests in Bellavista, and after many prayers for him and the other sick priests from people in Chile, Brazil and many other countries. Thanks to the communiques by Fr. Miguel Kast, many honored and remembered Fr. Ignacio, whom they met at some point on their covenant journeys as parish priest, spiritual director, superior, andRead More
SPAIN, Javier Gonzalez, COPE – Religion Editorial Office • Almost two thousand people around a Marian shrine that was used a hundred years ago as a warehouse. The Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt in Pozuelo de Alarcón is a replica of that small abandoned chapel in Germany where the Movement was born more than a hundred years ago. A birth that came from the hands of a priest and a small group of young people who one day only dreamed that what had happened would happen. —   ARead More
CHILE, María de los Ángeles Miranda Bustamante • Embraces between Schoenstatters from different generations and cities were the beginning for the 70th anniversary celebration of the Movement’s Founding in Chile on that rainy 27th of June 1947, in the house on Pasaje Quinta # 28, on the Valparaiso plan. The Document signed by the Founder On that occasion, a group of ladies and Father Kentenich signed the Founding Document, where they committed themselves to always carry forth the founders’ ideal which called them to distinguish themselves from the masses whereverRead More
COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez de Monturiol • It was a sunny Sunday Mass; it was 10:00 a.m., but many felt it was already late afternoon. There was much physical as well as spiritual preparation to welcome more than 300 people. They rushed to make everything beautiful. Flowers, chairs, food, details as if it were a daughter’s wedding! Everything was carefully prepared and filled with beautiful details to welcome the Schoenstatt Family! Cars began to arrive. The parking lot was full, but many men collaborated to open more space for additionalRead More
CHILE, by Juan Enrique Coeymans Hernán Krause died on Tuesday, 12 January; he was one of those who supported founding the Schoenstatt Movement in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Ecuador. He was one of those who took the mission of the 31st of May most seriously. He belonged to the first group Fr. Ernesto Durán advised in 1950. His ideal was to be fire: “Sicut Luminis sui claritatem infundet” [Like the light that spreads its shine], also called the Knights of Fire, a group in which almost all of themRead More