Jornada Nacional Schoenstatt Panamá

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First Schoenstatt Conference in Panama

PANAMA, Carmen Franco •

The Blessed Mother and God have their times. This journey was planned for October 2020 and had to be postponed because of the pandemic. She, as a tender mother who knows her children, knew that we needed more time. Time for more togetherness, prayer, formation and listening. She gave us everything for this February 4, 2023. —

Eleven commissions were formed for the organization of this National Conference in which we worked hand in hand with the Blessed Mother as one body. Our most important commission was “Prayers for the Journey,” which prayed day and night without ceasing. She listened to us and she acted. Each brother of the Movement placed his talents in her hands and she transformed them into fine gold.

Jornada Nacional Schoenstatt Panamá

National Journey, Panama – Teamwork

Buses of Schoenstatters arrived from all over the country

Jornada Nacional Schoenstatt Panamá

National Schoenstatt Journey – Mass

Very early in the morning, the buses arrived with the members from the interior of the country with their beautiful altars. The group from Colon also arrived with their joy and love for the Blessed Mother. The journey began with the Eucharist concelebrated by Fathers José Luis Correa, Juan Olarte, from Colón (who went to the blessing of the Shrine in San José, Costa Rica), Carlos Mejía, Luis Vergara, Fernando Fontane (who visited the Shrine in Santiago, Chile, where his sponsor, Father Rómulo Aguilar, sealed his Covenant of Love), and Deacon César Manzanares.

The day continued in the gymnasium with a procession of flags, the Pilgrim MTA’s on small altars, and the Founders who have grown older since the beginning of the Movement in 1989, walking with joy to see the fruits they have sown.

There was a review of all the groups in each diocese: the Missionaries of the Rosary Campaign, the Ladies’ Branch, the Couples’ Branch, and the Madrugadores.

Jornada Nacional Schoenstatt Panamá

National Journey from Panama – Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign

Teamwork: how to achieve growth in numbers, spirituality, and ecclesial presence

We were fortunate to have two conferences by Father José Luis Correa: the first was about the growth of Schoenstatt in the world and the possibilities for Panama. The second conference was about the three graces of the Blessed Mother in a Shrine, and we prayed together the prayer for a Shrine in Panama.

There was also work in teams and by branches to discuss what the challenges are for 2023-2024 and how we will work together as a group and on a personal level to achieve the goals of physical and spiritual growth for the coming years. We took all these ideas with us to continue our work in the branches and in coordination.

We leave this beautiful journey feeling the embrace of the Blessed Mother who sends us to meet other brothers and sisters who want to know her. We want to be instruments, we want to be the transparency of God and the Blessed Mother for our brothers and sisters. Let each one think: what do they have? I also want this love, this joy, this peace.

Jornada Nacional Schoenstatt Panamá

National Schoenstatt Journey Panama – Teamwork



Original: Spanish: Translation: Maria Fischer

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