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WYD 2019, COSTA RICA, Maria Fischer • “We are always here to welcome the young people…” Cata Cabezas related. And they are— they were there greeting them, welcoming them, feeding them, giving them something to drink, preparing the shrine for their Mass, and providing them lodging in their homes (“Eight Brazilians in my sister, Daniela’s home, isn’t that great?”) They took them to sightsee and enjoy the local places of interest …and were there simply to be present to converse, share stories, inspire each other mutually with the real lifeRead More
Maria Fischer • They have arrived! Leaders for the Boys’ Youth from Latin America, who want to live, study, and serve around the Original Shrine for a month, are already in the place of their hearts’ desire. They live in the House of the Institute Our Lady of Schoenstatt (Frauen). They have a work and study place in that part of the Bundesheim, which served for the Jubilee 2014 preparation, and they are grateful for all the prayers accompanying them during previous months. They are also very grateful for theRead More
ORIGINAL SHRINE, Fr. Afonso Wosny • The International Boys’ Youth that will be in the International Leaders’ School at Schoenstatt introduce themselves. Beginning 11 July, twenty Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from the from five countries will be living close to the Original Shrine for a month for a great training experience, international unity, deepening in Schoenstatt spirituality and pedagogy, and at the pastoral service of the Original Shrine giving life, joy and spirit of service to our source of origin. Some of these youths introduce themselves and tell us what theyRead More
Fr. Afonso Wosny, Brazil • Many people from our International Schoenstatt Family who were at the 100th anniversary of the Covenant of Love in Schoenstatt fondly remember with gratitude all the support, enthusiasm and dedication they saw in the youth volunteers who worked the Jubilee celebration, and surely dream that that presence of the youths from many countries is still maintained around our original source in Vallendar. School of international leaders of the Boys’ Youth at the Original Shrine – July 2017 Thinking about it and remembering that our workRead More
BRAZIL, Luis Eduardo Luz / Leonardo Monfernatti vía • The night of 9 July 2016 will stay in the mind of each member of the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth in Cornélio Procópio and all who were present to celebrate the occasion. The Boys’ Youth (JUMAS) in Cornélio Procópio celebrated its 25 years of history, which has been shaped by many battles, difficulties and victories.  Therefore, the motto “Strengthened by history and allied in prayer, genuine youth for a new world” reflects the past, present and future of the youth. TheRead More