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“Fire from his fire” – leaders for a better world


The International Boys’ Youth that will be in the International Leaders’ School at Schoenstatt introduce themselves.

Beginning 11 July, twenty Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from the from five countries will be living close to the Original Shrine for a month for a great training experience, international unity, deepening in Schoenstatt spirituality and pedagogy, and at the pastoral service of the Original Shrine giving life, joy and spirit of service to our source of origin. Some of these youths introduce themselves and tell us what they hope for during this time that approaches.

Juan Andrés Guerra Duvauchelle – Boys’ Youth Viña del Mar – Chile

“What do I hope from my Shrine? Meeting with the source of where my faith and childlikeness to Jesus and the Blessed Mother comes from, I desire that the Boys’ Youth from our different countries and situations can give a response to the world in the spheres where we work, such as in politics, economy, etc. Where Christ can be the response from a fraternal love for society in general.  I would like to transmit to the international family the life that we are going to generate in our Original Shrine, that life will flourish continuously in Germany, because that is where everything starts, to share the joy of being a Schoenstatter and at the same time the challenge that it involves.

Nicolau Miguel Esteves Lawand – Boys’ Youth São Paulo – Brazil Tabor Shrine of Victorious Confidence    

“The leaders’ school will be an opportunity to establish attachments among Boys’ Youth from different countries. Exchanges, experiences, and living in the shadow of the Original Shrine will be a moment to take advantage of the Schoenstatt atmosphere to deepen ourselves in the Movement’s history, since we will be living where our Father and Founder and the Schoenstatt heroes were formed and struggled for our Movement. I dream that the International Boys’ Youth is more and more involved in society to take the Covenant culture into this time that challenges us more and more – to be protagonists in our daily life.”

Luis Alejandro Alegría Téllez – Boys’ Youth México

What do I hope for the time close to the Original Shrine?

“I would love for us to unite as a group in this mission that the Blessed Mother has prepared for each one of us. She knows why she does things, and I am sure that she prepared everything for each person that goes in her name. My desire for this approaching commitment is that we continue to grow as people of good, as leaders who change the world from their being; that we focus on helping others who need it; that we continue to prepare, to continue to improve our surroundings and our society. My desire for the Boys’ Youth International is to motivate each one of us to continue to give the best of ourselves for others; to invest time in the people that we love and more in those that need it; that we seek a positive change in our society (more so in these times) so there will be more joys than sadness, and that we will be lights for every person that crosses our lives.”

Ricardo Landa – Boys’ Youth San Luis Potosí – México

What I hope for this time we are going to experience in the Original Shrine would be to strengthen that attachment to the Original Shrine and our covenant with her even more. To be there where everything was born, I believe it is a good opportunity to open our heart and listen to what God and the Blessed Mother want of us. It is also a unique opportunity as the International Boys’ Youth to bond with each other, since we need that unity now and to know that we are not alone in this struggle to question irresitibly. In this way, great goals will be established for the future, not only in our country, but also for the world. With all of this, we can transmit to the international family that we are youths with great ideals, who help to take the Blessed Mother to  conquer more hearts.”

João Vittor dos Anjos – Boys’ Youth Recife – Shrine of New Evangelization

“I hope that the Leaders’ School will help me daily to understand more about the Founder’s footsteps and the history of this Movement that conquers and influences youthful hearts so that they may be protagonists of a new time, strongly affirming and marking Father’s ideal that we be firm, free and apostolic personalities, led by the God of life. And to think that it was in this little chapel where everything began: all the dreams, everything that was carried out and all the future steps that the Schoenstatt Family would take.  To dream that these twenty youths can enkindle hearts, take all the moments of the Leaders’ School to the Movement in our countries and to strengthen the attachment between the place of Schoenstatt and the world through the leaders for a new time!”

Let us pray for our youths and this initiative even more now, as our Church looks at them with hope and vision during this time of preparation for the next extraordinary synod of bishops, which will be about the youth. Your help, contributions to the capital of grace and economic support for this project are very welcome. Each one of these young men represents their country in our Original Shrine and surely, they will repay what they have received with their attitudes and deeds.



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Original: Spanish. 14 May 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

“I will draw youthful hearts to myself…..” – It’s time

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